To My Best Friend

The past four years have been amazing! So much has happened in that time that I couldn’t even express it all or even a fraction of it to you in just one Facebook post. It would do it no justice…….. So with that, I’d like to say Thanks to my Best Friend Kaleb Smith. Thank you for giving your heart and soul to this band and making it come to life!

Kaleb Smith Brett, Kaleb and Christopher Kaleb Smith Kaleb Smith

You are an inspiration to all of us and I’d like you to know and everyone here how important you are to us and how much we appreciate all that you’ve done, on and off the stage. Thank you so much Kaleb ………. I know life is taking you on a different road now but I’m glad to see your following your heart and making your dreams come true. I’m gonna miss ya dude! Thank you for all the memories

Chris Hudiburgh - Mercy Fist

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  1. Caleb was a great drummer but proud he’s doing what he must to get closer to his dream. You’re awesome Caleb. ♡ stay strong hearted

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