To overcome- means to succeed in dealing with a problem, difficulty or conflict; conquer;defeat.

I look back at this past year and I think how I lucky I am to be alive. It wasn’t that long ago that I had lost my father to a horrible circumstance that completely changed my life. So horrible, that it eventually took control of my life and that led to the end of my relationship with my girlfriend.

This year hasn’t been easy. There have been plenty of times where I thought about taking an early exit, to rid myself of all the confusion because the pain was just way too much to bear. I’m glad I never took that last step because if I had, I never would’ve had an opportunity to see what God would do with this Band, Mercy Fist.

Take for instance, this text I got from a person in Tennessee. This person is a huge supporter and a good friend of mine. It read…


    I just wanted to tell to you that (song) “Save Me”, was saving me”.

I was already having a hard day, but when I read that text, it just blew me away. I heard another story this week about a guy out in Maryland who was playing Call of Duty online with a few friends and he was singing the tune “We are Free”. My friend out here in California who was online with him had to interrupt him for a second to gather his thoughts; because at that point he realized that this music isn’t just in California anymore, it’s all over the place. I’ve even heard story from a few friends out in France that the music is streaming out there also! It just trips me out!

As we prepare for KMPH Fox26 News this Friday morning I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be alive and doing what I love to do. It’s been a struggle to get to this point and I’m sure there will be more struggles ahead, but for today I’m glad I didn’t quit on myself because it’s not just “me” anymore, it’s “all of us” and I love that.

Chris Hudiburgh - Mercy Fist

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