Completing Album 2: The Glorious Mayhem


   The time has finally arrived. The thing we look forward to most as a band, recording a brand new album.The long 8 hour days with headphones on, creating layer by layer, slowly piecing together a puzzle until its final completion. The arguments, the last second changes to a song, melody disagreements,Starbucks runs, hearing metronomes in your dreams; these are all things that are vital to the completion from start to finish of an album. And strangely enough? We relish every single part about it, including the rough times.Recording_Studio
 As I had a conversation with Chris earlier this week about the direction of the album that we want to take, I began to question, what does it take to make a really great album? As excited as we are about some of the new music that we are currently in the process of creating, will it all mesh together to make it great? This is why I wanted to come to our fans to get some opinions on what makes an album great. Either on Facebook or on our website, please comment on the following questions:
1. What is your favorite album and why?
2. What is the part of Mercy Fist music that you enjoy so much?
3. What is your favorite Mercy Fist tune?
I want to thank you all for your help, and want to let you know that each and every opinion is going to help us mold the identity of our next album. We want the fans to be as much a part of this album as the band, because you are the ones who have helped us get this far.
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