Seems like everything in this world is changing. Sometimes things change for the good, sometimes things change for the bad. No matter what happens in life, nothing stays the same, change is inevitable.

I often find myself trying too hard to avoid change. Sometimes I ask myself if can I do this again, or if I have the strength within myself to continue? Change is one of my biggest fears, and for someone who has had a lot of change in their life, you’d think I’d be used to it by now…..but I’m not.

I know I need change and I want change in my life, because I know without change how can we grow?

Life is a progression and so we should progress in life just as nature intended it to be. That’s just how it works. There are a lot of changes happening right now with all of us, good and bad. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out and why things have happened the way they did…so for now, I need to learn to accept that I’m not in control and to realize that I can’t run from any of this.

Chris Hudiburgh - Mercy Fist

Change is all around us and it’s happening right now, I just need to open my mind to it and allow the man upstairs to do his work.

Chris Hudiburgh - Mercy Fist


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