Mercy Fist Music

Hi, I just wanted to Personally thank you listening to us on Radio Air Play! As promised, the link title “MERCY FIST PROMO” has the entire “Save Me” album, One Bonus track and Our latest single “On My Way”. I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you again for listening and supporting us. -Chris Mercy Fist […]

Hard Rock Rising

Cast Your Vote!   4 independent bands will battle it out live at Hard Rock San Francisco. Please Help Mercy Fist win the grand prize – a spot on the main stage at Hard Rock Rising Barcelona for 60,000 fans!!!   Vote For Mercy Fist Here

Stage Diving

To My Best Friend

The past four years have been amazing! So much has happened in that time that I couldn’t even express it all or even a fraction of it to you in just one Facebook post. It would do it no justice…….. So with that, I’d like to say Thanks to my Best Friend Kaleb Smith. Thank […]

Best Update Ever

So how many of you guys are excited for the new music video “Save Me”? Well we are!!! It’s been 3 long months and the wait is almost over. I’ve had the pleasure to see some sneak peaks and I’m very excited for you all to see the final product. Please check out our blog […]

A Much Needed Vacation

Well friends, I’m officially on vacation! A much needed one at that. I arrived in Houston, Texas this morning at the ungodly hour of 1:30AM only to find out for the first time I’ve ever “checked” my luggage in, that they “accidentally” sent my luggage to San Diego some 1,500 miles away!!! Not exactly what […]


To overcome- means to succeed in dealing with a problem, difficulty or conflict; conquer;defeat. I look back at this past year and I think how I lucky I am to be alive. It wasn’t that long ago that I had lost my father to a horrible circumstance that completely changed my life. So horrible, that […]


Seems like everything in this world is changing. Sometimes things change for the good, sometimes things change for the bad. No matter what happens in life, nothing stays the same, change is inevitable. I often find myself trying too hard to avoid change. Sometimes I ask myself if can I do this again, or if […]