Hard Rock Rising

Cast Your Vote!   4 independent bands will battle it out live at Hard Rock San Francisco. Please Help Mercy Fist win the grand prize – a spot on the main stage at Hard Rock Rising Barcelona for 60,000 fans!!!   Vote For Mercy Fist Here

Completing Album 2: The Glorious Mayhem

     The time has finally arrived. The thing we look forward to most as a band, recording a brand new album.The long 8 hour days with headphones on, creating layer by layer, slowly piecing together a puzzle until its final completion. The arguments, the last second changes to a song, melody disagreements,Starbucks runs, hearing metronomes […]

Blue Collar Band

It’s 7:30 AM and the alarm rings loud and clear. It’s time for another day at the grind, another day of living the “American Dream”. You get in your car with your coffee, put your eight hours in, and come home, only to do it all over the next day. Sounds depressing right? But what […]