Mercy Fist Music

Hi, I just wanted to Personally thank you listening to us on Radio Air Play! As promised, the link title “MERCY FIST PROMO” has the entire “Save Me” album, One Bonus track and Our latest single “On My Way”. I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you again for listening and supporting us. -Chris Mercy Fist […]

Hard Rock Rising

Cast Your Vote!   4 independent bands will battle it out live at Hard Rock San Francisco. Please Help Mercy Fist win the grand prize – a spot on the main stage at Hard Rock Rising Barcelona for 60,000 fans!!!   Vote For Mercy Fist Here

Mercy Fist on DKFM

Make sure to check us out this weekend at We just got the word that we will be in the rotation for the new and upcoming artists Friday May 23rd-Sunday May 25th and will be debuting our new single “On My Way” You can only hear it there, so check make sure to tune in […]

America’s Got Talent

Come out and support us Feb 8th as we get an opportunity to audition for Americas Got Talent in Los Angeles California. Its a huge audition for us and we would love to have you there. If you are unable to attend the audition, please join us here on website, where we will be doing […]

Save Me – the Music Video

This song SAVE ME was written almost as a premonition to events that were about to happen to me and my family. The lyrics below share some of the pain I was experiencing at the time. Songs like this are actually a release of sorts for me and help me through the tough times of […]

Stage Diving

Music Video Release Party

Its here! The video you’ve all been waiting for is now set to release 11-12-13. With all new behind-the-scenes footage and close ups of the making of the music video “Save Me”.  Be sure to join us while we do a “live video feed” where you can comment and talk to the band immediately after […]

Battle of the Bands

Mercy Fist is battling at Molly Malone’s on November 2nd,2013 for a chance to be the opening band “Everclear” in Hawaii. We would love your support by purchasing tickets in advance today! When we get to a certain level at Molly Malones, Hollywood we will play a free show for you at the House of […]

AMCO Unplugged – Mercy Fist – Space

AMCO Unplugged is an acoustic show where bands of different genres go to American Music Company store in Fresno, CA to perform live and have some fun! If you are in the Fresno, CA area and are interested in performing on AMCO Unplugged like Mercy Fist did, email them at or call Alex at […]

To My Best Friend

The past four years have been amazing! So much has happened in that time that I couldn’t even express it all or even a fraction of it to you in just one Facebook post. It would do it no justice…….. So with that, I’d like to say Thanks to my Best Friend Kaleb Smith. Thank […]