Blue Collar Band

It’s 7:30 AM and the alarm rings loud and clear. It’s time for another day at the grind, another day of living the “American Dream”. You get in your car with your coffee, put your eight hours in, and come home, only to do it all over the next day. Sounds depressing right?

But what saves us from this terrible reality of the American expectation? Passion.

Most everyone has one, and it is the one thing that makes us step out of the boundaries of the working life, even if just for a few moments, and lets us dwell in the complete euphoria of what we love to do.

As a band, we all work our own separate jobs and put in our 40 hours a week. Kaleb works in a tile warehouse; Chris as a computer technician; Brandon as a sound engineer; and myself as an administrative clerk. But what do we all have in common? When we punch out for the day and the time clock officially deems us free men, we leave with a smile on our face, knowing that in a few short hours, we will be practicing once again, doing what we love to do.

What is your passion? Write us below in the “speak your mind” section below. Once you find it, life seems just a little bit better than it once was.

Find your passion.

Brett Posch - Mercy Fist
—  Brett Posch, Mercy Fist

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  1. Saw you guys at Vintage Days at FSU today and enjoyed the show. You’ve got a drummer and you know how to end a song. I’ll be damned if it isn’t a rock’ roll band. Good luck! He g-friend and I will keep an eye it for ya’.

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