Kaleb Smith

Kaleb Ryan Smith, the Drummer/singer and the heart and soul of Mercy Fist.

As early as age 9, Kaleb was attending rock concerts such as Beck, Red Hot Chill peppers and Incubus. In 2007, Kaleb was introduced to a band called “6 Hole’s and a Barrel”, a local Grunge Rock group from Oakhurst California. It was at this time that Kaleb started developing love for the drums. Several months later, Kaleb’s Dad picked up his first kit from a local pawn shop. Not knowing what to expect, Kaleb picked up drums rather quickly and started working with Scott Avery (A local Jazz drummer) to perfect his skill.

In 2008, Kaleb started volunteering at his youth group on Sunday’s. Youth Pastor and Director (Micah Foster) convinced Kaleb to join the youth’s worship band and utilize his talents. Several months later, Drummer/singer was introduced to Chris Hudiburgh and Brett Posch and formed the Band now called Mercy Fist.

Kaleb Smith Kaleb Smith Kaleb Smith Kaleb Smith



(drum kit)

  • Gretch Catlina Club
  • Bass Drum 24×22
  • Rack Tom 13×10
  • Floor Tom 16×18
  • Black Panther Traditional Maple snare 14×8


  • Meinl 24inch Byzance series
  • Meinl 22inch Byzance series
  • Meinl 14inch Byzance high-hat and bottom

All stands and pedals are DW 5000 series


  • Underoath
  • Foo Fighters
  • The Almost
  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Them Crooked Vultures


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