Mercy Fist

Mercy Fist

Photo by Isaac Riley

Mercy Fist formed in 2009 and is best described as a high-energy rock group, with a melodic undertone. Coming from different backgrounds, each member has different musical influences ranging from things like the Foo Fighters to acts like Johnny Cash or Rush. The variety of our influences helps us all pour in a little of ourselves into the music we create.

Members include:

“Music is a universal pastime that every culture, religion, race and ethnicity share. Even in the poorest of communities, music exists. It doesnt matter what background you came from or where you were born, it lives in all of us. Though everyones interpretation of music may be different, it still succeeds to bring us all together.

We realize everyone who walks through that door at a concert has a story. Maybe their parents got divorced, or maybe they are just not happy with their lives. This is why we strive create music to speak about real life situations and help listeners realize they are not alone.

As a band, we want a concert goers to have the experience they are looking for, whether that may be just a good time or maybe to find something deeper within themselves. It doesnt matter what genre or style moves a listener, what matters is they are moved in some way. This is what we live by.

We are Mercy Fist.”
Brett Posch - Mercy Fist
—  Brett Posch, Mercy Fist

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